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Digital Services

Website Builds

Starting at $4,000
Get a vibrant, ultra-functional site that's easy to maintain and that belongs to you. No hidden hosting fees, no maintenance charges, no fuss. Just a great website that showcases your organization. Need help maintaining? We can do that, too.

SEO/SEM Audit & Recommendations

$125.00 per hour
Full analysis of your website's Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) performance including an easy-to-understand report about where you've been, where you are, and where you can go with search engine strategy.

Social Media Analysis and Strategy

$125.00 per hour
Full analysis of your social media presence with a report on where your social is currently and detailed plans for 1, 6, or 12 months of future plans, content, and campaigns.


$125.00 per hour
Align your digital presence with a single voice, look, and set of clear goals to take your brand to the next level of performance. We'll look at your customer base and organizational benchmarks and set a clear plan for development of your brand.

Content Creation

Starting at $150 per piece
One piece of content or one hundred. Get concise, effective content pieces from whitepapers to blog posts to brochures to ebooks and more. Fully edited, fully ready for web and distribution according to your unique needs.

Digital Community Building

$125.00 per hour
Grow your numbers in private Facebook groups and Twitter lists, on Pinterest boards and in targeted forums, and more. You'll get content suggestions, posting schedules, writing suggestions, and a clear-cut set of guidelines for building your online community.

Social Media Influencer Identification

$125.00 per hour
Find out who your influencers are, where and who they reach, and how to leverage their knowledge the right way. Get a plan for identification, introduction, and deployment.

What's Right For Me?

$150.00 per hour
We'll look at your business plan (or presence), your budget, your wish list, and your resources and help you determine if you can work with an out-of-the-box website and the occasional helping hand or whether you need a full-fledged agency relationship to make the most of your digital marketing. We'll answer all the questions you have and give you a heads-up on some you might not even know you need to ask!

Traditional Media Services

Hiring Help

$125.00 per hour
Looking to bring your digital marketing in house? Need help finding the right social media manager, SEO, or digital strategist? Get a tailored set of interview questions, help reviewing candidates, and even assistance with actual interviews to find the perfect person for your organization.

Project & Campaign Management

$125.00 per hour
Planning, execution, and evaluation assistance with projects and campaigns that are new to you or a little too big for your current staff. Whether it's a digital campaign, a show or expo, or your next big pitch, we can help.


Starting at $400 per session
Get access to a professional commercial photographer for photos that set your website, print content, and social media accounts apart. Retain the rights to your photo assets for all the personalization without all the hassle and expense.

Startup Coaching & Sourcing

$125 per hour
Get comprehensive direction on starting your new business including processes, procedures, legalities, and resources. We'll take you through sourcing everything you need and if we can't do it, we'll make the connections to people who can so that you start your business with complete confidence that you can handle anything that comes along.

Event Planning

$125 per hour
Attending your first trade show? Looking for information on which events will get you the most bang for your buck? Unsure where to start when it comes to all the materials you need? We'll help you put together a complete event presence, no matter how small or large the event.

Agency Assessment

$150 per hour
Wondering about the efficacy of your current digital marketing agency, or confused about how to answer their questions and approve their suggestions? We can walk you through the right way to direct your agency activity and look for any shortcomings or potential pitfalls before they happen.

Custom Packages

Have a need for services you don’t see here? Get in touch and we’ll create a custom package to address your wants. Or, if we can’t, we’ll ¬†direct you to other fabulous people who can.¬†